Dress Code

The Alternative Classes dress code remains in effect for the current school year. The dress code is required from the time the student boards the bus for transit to school until the student de-boards the bus at the assigned bus stop.

Alternative Classes Dress Code (for Both Girls and Boys)

  • Beige khaki pants worn at the waist (no drawstring waist on pants and no shorts, Capri pants, skirt, skort, or dress)
  • A white, black, or gray shirt with a collar with no logo or writing (The shirt should be long enough to tuck neatly into pants at the waist. A white, black, or gray undershirt may be worn under the collared shirt.)
  • A solid color black, brown or white belt with a small belt buckle
  • White, black, gray, or brown shoes with matching color shoelaces; worn with white, black, gray, or brown socks (no other color socks)
  • No jewelry is allowed at the DAEP with the exception of studs which are allowed for pierced ears.

A white, gray, or black sweatshirt (no hood, no logo, no writing, and no full-length zipper) is appropriate for classroom outer wear. Shirts must be tucked into pants with the belt showing and pants must be worn at the waist on arrival to school. Allowable nail polish colors for female students are nude, clear, and white. Dress code will be strictly enforced – campus In School Suspension or Out of School Suspension may be assigned on the first dress code violation.


As noted in the Student Handbook, facial hair must be neatly groomed and styled in a way that is not distracting and may not reach a length greater than ½ inch. Hair must be clean and well groomed. Any hair style that is distracting or disturbing is not allowed. In the Alternative Classes school environment, adherence to dress and grooming requirements is checked each day. Violations of the dress code and grooming requirements result in disciplinary action
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