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PostmarkKlein ISD Alternative Classes is one of two educational programs located in the Klein ISD Annex, 7302 Kleingreen Lane, Klein, Texas 77379. The building is located at the intersection of Lyons School/Lyons Court Road and Kleingreen Lane (and directly across the street from Mittelstadt Elementary).

The mailing address is Alternative Classes/Klein ISD Annex, 7302 Kleingreen Lane, Klein, Texas 77379.

The school office phone number is (832) 249-4801. Office hours are 6:45 am to 3:30 pm. Fax phone number for Alternative Classes is (832) 249-4045.

School hours are 7:15 am to 2:35 pm. Students de-board buses after 6:45 am and buses leave the parking lot shortly after 2:35 pm.

Alternative Classes is located on the southwest side of the Annex building. Vehicle parking is available in either of two south parking lots. Visitor parking spaces are located near the "T-Building" in the southwest parking lot. Enter the Alternative Classes main office from the south parking lot that is designated for "Visitors, Deliveries, Parent Check In" - the entry area is marked "Disciplinary Alternative Education Program" and a "Welcome to Alternative Classes" sign is posted in the door entry window. Parents should enter the main office in order to sign in or sign out a student.

Contact an administrator, counselor, or educational diagnostician by e-mail or phone:
Brian Marr, Director;; (832) 249-4810
Colleth Punch, Assistant Director; (832) 249-4779
Ken Wetzel, Assistant Director; (832) 249-4803
Tiffanie James, Counselor; (832) 249-4811
Letrece Catchings, Counselor; (832) 249-4812
Gay De Villa, Educational Diagnostician; (832) 249-4144.

GIft Attendance Counts at School and On the Job

Sarah Lawrence is the attendance secretary. In the event of a student's absence from school, call Sarah Lawrence at (832) 249-4804. Your call to explain your student's absence from school is important. A note explaining the student's absence should be sent to Ms. Lawrence within 5 school days of the student's absence.

Stay in School Program

BooksKlein ISD and the Harris County District Attorney’s Office continues the “Stay in School” program which is designed to increase school attendance. An explanation of the program is as follows:

Once your child has reached the legal limit of unexcused absences, a warning letter will be sent to your home and hand-delivered to your child in school. Within five days of receipt of this letter, you will be required to attend a conference at your child’s school, to discuss your child’s truancy problem and attempt to rectify it before criminal charges are filed. If, however, your child continues to incur additional unexcused absences, the school will file a case in the Justice of the Peace court, where you and your child must appear in response to the charges. Further, a more comprehensive program will be implemented, where your child must not miss additional school days and must submit to a social service evaluation and, where applicable, follow-up on social service referrals. Your child will be eligible for this program only one time. If your child deviates from the terms of the program, additional conditions will be added, such as attendance at a truancy camp and completion of community service hours. Non-compliance will ultimately lead to charges being filed against your child in a Harris County Juvenile District Court.

Make Contact with Us!

The information that follows includes: Name, Title, Phone Contact & Electronic Contact:

Administrative Staff
Brian Marr Director 832-249-4810
Colleth Punch Assistant Director 832-249-4779
Ken Wetzel Assistant Director 832-249-4803

Clerical Staff
Lori Belus AP/Assistant Director Secretary 832-249-4814
Cynthia Gamboa (Bilingual) Counselor Secretary 832-249-4806
Sarah Lawrence Attendance Secretary 832-249-4804
Mary McVeigh School Secretary 832-249-4815
Lorena Sarabia (Bilingual) Registrar/Counselor Secretary 832-249-4813

Clinic Staff
Kathryn Loomis Clinic Aide 832-249-4160
Nancy Tullis School Nurse 832-249-4805

Counseling Staff & Special Education Case Manager
Tiffanie James Counselor 832-249-4811
Letrece Catchings Counselor 832-249-4812
Gay De Villa Educational Diagnostician 832-249-4144

Spanish Speaking Facilitator, Cynthia Gamboa

Cynthia Gamboa is one of seven English and Spanish bilingual personnel at Alternative Classes. She is the Spanish speaking facilitator for the campus. To contact her directly, call (832) 249-4806. Cynthia joined the Alternative Classes staff in 2016-2017 with experience in other educational settings, including Klein ISD. Other bilingual personnel include Educational Diagnostician Gay De Villa, Intermediate teacher Elsy Garcia, Spanish teacher Cecilia Martinez, Science teacher Ricardo Sanchez, teacher assistant Giovanna Almendarez, and registrar Lorena Sarabia.

en español -

Cynthia Gamboa es uno de los siete personal bilingüe en inglés y español en el campus de clases alternativas. Ella es el facilitador que habla español para el campus. Si tiene alguna pregunta, necesita un poco de información, reportar una ausencia o condición médica o cambio de medicación puede ponerse en contacto con ella directamente al (832) 249 - 4806. Cynthia se une al personal de las clases alternativas de este año con experiencia en otros entornos educativos, incluyendo cinco años de servicio con Klein ISD. Otros personal bilingüe incluyen la maestra Elsy Garcia, la maestra de español Cecilia Martínez y el maestro de ciencia Ricardo Sanchez, asistente de maestra Giovanna Almendarez y Gay De Villa y Lorena Sarabia.

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