Campus Safety

Safety and Security of Students and Employees

The Klein Independent School District has a deep concern for the safety and security of its students and employees. Security cameras are installed at district campuses, including the Annex. As students arrive for school at the Annex Alternative Classes, school personnel monitor students as they pass through a metal detector. Human-canine teams make regular visits to campuses in the district, including the Annex. Each high school campus has full-time police officers and parking lot monitors on duty during the school day. KISD police officers are both visible and available in both Annex educational settings.

In addition, enhanced security has been installed at the main entry door to the Alternative Classes and enhanced security measures are in place. A photo ID is required to be displayed before the main entry door is unlocked for passage. This measure requires those who wish to enter the Annex building to ring an entry bell at the main entry door and hold up a photo ID for view. Reception staff will view the photo ID via a monitor and unlock the main entry door for those who meet security screening.

As in the past, district campuses, including the Annex, are provided hand-held metal detectors that are used on a random basis. Students in randomly selected classrooms and/or buses are scanned using the hand-held metal detector. Should there be an alert, students are asked to cooperate in determining the cause of the alert. If requested by the student, this may be done in an area other than the classroom.

As mentioned, a walk-through metal detector is used daily at the Alternative Classes on arrival of students to school, whether de-boarding a school bus or parent-guardian sign in at the main office. The purpose of these measures is to prevent any student from bringing guns or any illegal weapons into a school building. Zero tolerance of guns and illegal weapons means that KISD will not accept excuses. Therefore, those who possess these objects will be arrested. Your cooperation and support are greatly appreciated and expected.
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